Affordable Catalytic Converter Protection for Your Isuzu or Chevy W Series Gas Trucks - Ships to Your Door - Easy Installation

ATTENTION! Thieves are lurking! One Super Cat Cage covers BOTH converters…Watch the Video!

Protect your Isuzu or Chevrolet cab forward chassis truck’s catalytic converters now.

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Hello, I’m Tony Bass, founder and CEO at Super Lawn Trucks.

I would like to talk with you about a very serious issue concerning commercial work trucks, specifically when it comes to the Isuzu brand series of trucks. That would include the W Series of the Chevrolet branded cab forward chassis.

The gas-powered engines come equipped with two catalytic converters. Over the past few years, the price of the precious metals used in catalytic converters to reduce emissions has skyrocketed in price. As the price has skyrocketed-the market became very hot around the idea of collecting catalytic converters and selling them for the precious metal inside. During the past couple of years, the price of catalytic converters has tripled in price from an average price of $1200 per converter to now $3400 per converter plus the labor to install them.

One of the big challenges with the Isuzu brand and cab forward trucks is they sit high off the ground making the catalytic converters an easy target for thieves. We have developed a product we hope will deter theft on the Isuzu brand of trucks.

We have developed a piece of brushed stainless steel hardware that completely encapsulates the areas from each side of the truck and the front and rear of the exhaust system including the transmission area where the catalytic converters are located.

This Cat Cage can be installed on new trucks at the time of building the body and installing the body system, or it can be installed as a retrofit on trucks that have been built.

We know, right now, the Cat Cage we have developed works on year models 2007 and newer. We’re still working on the design and modifications required for those earlier than 2007.

It’s very important that you know that one cat Cage with an installed price of approximately $995 can help protect $6800 worth of catalytic converters in a very significant way.

First, we are hiding them from clear site. Second when we install the stainless-steel cage, we use antitheft bolts when we install them making it very hard to take them off. Further, the size of the Cat Cage will make it very time consuming if someone is going to try to remove it to get access to the catalytic converter.

We believe the Cat Cage is a sufficient deterrent and can help keep your trucks up and running without having to store your trucks inside.

Please consider the installation of the Cat Cage on your Super Lawn Truck as an investment to protect your assets.

You need to know if the catalytic converters are removed from your truck, they are to be replaced with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) catalytic converters from General Motors.

The big challenge for us here in the Fall of 2022 is the catalytic converters are on back order and it takes 3-6 months to receive a replacement.

If you replace with an after market catalytic converter on a new truck, you will void the warranty on the truck engine. That’s not good.

If you simply omit the catalytic converter, you also will void the trucks engine warranty. You also may have difficulty passing any state mandated emissions tests when your truck goes through inspection.

We think the Cat Cage is a reasonably priced, adequate theft deterrent for catalytic converters to help you get the most out of your Isuzu and Chevrolet W Series Work Trucks and we look forward to working with you here at Super Lawn Trucks.

Attention dealers and anyone who may have bare cab forward chassis exposed! Add a Cat Cage Top Cover to completely encase the converter within the chassis. Available in the drop down menu on the order form.

Cat cages are shipped on pallets approximately 40″ x 36″ x 40″ with up to four cat cages per pallet. The exact shipping cost will be quoted after you place your order. Most orders shipped in the continental USA are in the range of $200-$400 per pallet. In order to get the best shipping rate, ship to a commercial address with a loading dock or fork lift.

*Adjustments to the final product may vary due to ongoing design improvements.

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